first yar meeting

some of us met today to rant about various things and worship golden calves. the usual. it was great. i see this being a fabulous little blog in the near future - and a major menno hit down the road. we’ve got ideas from hot topics (boring) to mennonite organizations (lame) to ‘evil vs. good’ and ‘who does god hate’ surveys (good) and bible verses of the day (hot). we’ll be talking theology, faith and irreverance - tradition and radical reform. we’ll be throwing metaphorical molotov coctails at your over-literal assumptions. we’ll be snobs about your snobbery and smugly reject your smugness. all that in one little blog with a silly title.

jo ho yo got nothin’ on this concern group.

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6 Responses to “first yar meeting”

  1. TimN Says:

    That’s a pretty fair summary I’d say. And very immpressive turn around on the design. I really like what what you’ve done with the paper (and the pirate). Looking good.

  2. jdaniel Says:

    so, tim, an anabaptist man with an eye patch = pirate?

  3. ahess Says:

    Well, I’ve found the site/posts interesting, but I just have one design comment. My first thought, when I saw the page (esp. the links on the right), was: “this looks like a blog about babies” because of the blue and pink (not that babies are bad, of course…).

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