What’s Next?

I really enjoy YAR. There are great discussions about great things here, they are intriguing and they make us think. But what’s next. Do we just continue to talk about these things and hope that some day our churches and our communities will change? Or do we do something. I would love it if we could start discussions about practical ways in which we can do these things we have discussed. But of course, not stop there implement these things in our churches and communities and then report back on YAR how God is working. In this way we can honor our heritage as radical Anabaptists and continue to reform the church in the 21st century.

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  1. Denver Steiner


    Great thought and challenge. Last week I was leading a young adult Sunday school class and I was talking out of my experience with BikeMovement this past summer. The conversation was revolving around being transparent, honest, vulnerable and creating safe place to talk about the hard and very real aspects of our faith and questions. I believe this is a necessary step in making church practical and relevant. But the comment was made that “church needs to change so that can happen.” No, no WE need to change to make this happen. Change won’t happen unless we as young adults step up and create those safe and relevant places in or outside a church building. It starts with you and I modeling that in our relationships, and inviting an older adult and mentor into that space.

    I think we often get caught sitting back waiting for the church institution to come around and often neglect our responsibility in that equation. Only when we are no longer part of the problem and working at creating the change ourselves should we be allowed to criticize the current structures.

    So thanks for the challenge of are we doing something. As far as stories from the field, I see this happening in my local area amongst young adults when individuals have stepped up and done something.

  2. ST

    There ARE a lot of people working and implementing their ideas. Most YAR bloggers write on YAR bloggers write here not as their primary activity, but just writing from their experience of living out what they believe. There are tons of resources available from MCC, MWC, MMN, and so many other groups…it is almost overwhelming.

    I work with young adults around the world in a committee called Amigos. We get together for conversation every 6 years, in conjunction with Mennonite World Conference. We are working very hard each day. If you would like to work with us, we do have some tasks that we want to delegate. Do you have any experience with websites or graphic design? Post a comment on my latest blog entry if you are interseted. There are a lot more opportunities too.

    I invite you to look out into the world and learn what your Mennonite Anabaptist brothers and sisters are doing everyday in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and here in the US and Canada. Things are happening.

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