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A Poem for Hiroshima Day

The Necessity of Hiroshima: why we must believe

Act I

in The Year of Decisions, our savior Harry asked

“a committee of top men”
Men all carved from the same superior
Aspen, carefully lathed of their
“to study with great care”
care. Eviscerated as children, smiling
beneath strange fruit. They died for
“the implications the new”
the new; our idolatrous messiah. Our
silicon steel colossus will consume
“weapon might have for us”
us, our civilization. As surely as
Saturn Devouring His Son.

the scientific advisers of the committee reports:

“We can propose no technical demonstration likely to bring an end to the war;
we see no acceptable alternative to
direct military use.”

Act II

And so, 65 years ago today, an orange cloud blossomed above a city full of them for our salvation.