Blog Guidelines

Some things to think about before you get yer posting and commenting on

This blog is moderated to keep spam out but we’re not the habit of deleting comments or blocking dissent. There are, however, certain behaviors that are rude and annoying and others that aren’t. The line isn’t always clear and we all cross it occasionally. If you feel someone has crossed a line or have questions, feel free to contact the YAR admin at You are also welcome to politely challenge behaviors yourself, as you feel led.

If you are new to the blog and haven’t posted much or commented often on the blog, we might assume from rude and annoying behaviors that you are a rude and annoying person. We might request a change in behavior and if that fails, we might ask you to take your rude and annoying behaviors elsewhere.

  • All are welcome but please be respectful of this community and what we are about. Read a few posts before you start writing to get an idea who we are.
  • Read posts before you comment on them.
  • When commenting – Engage what the author is actually saying, and stay on the topic of the post. Please don’t hijack threads. There is a difference between a discussion meandering about and someone sabotaging conversation. Don’t post generic form comments, we’re not interested in them and they aren’t relevant.
  • Personal attacks, trolling and flaming are mean.
  • On name-calling: A. Jesus said not to do it: “But anyone who says ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.” Matt 5:22. B. He also did it himself: “You fools!” Luke 11:40, “You blind fools!” Mat 23:17, “How foolish you are” Luke 24:25. You figure it out.
  • The more you disagree with a post or dominant opinions of the blog the more you should back up your argument. Link to relevant information, cite your sources and convince us with your argument. Don’t just spew forth with propaganda, lectures, red herrings, and similar rantings and ravings about your wonderful opinion. Make a point, and make it relevant. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  • Please make an attempt on spelling and grammar. Simple things like decent grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling make a happier blog environment for all of us.
  • For new blog entries, please try to use the “Split post with More tag” function. More Tag Function That way the whole blog isn’t commandeered by your latest post.
  • Strive for excellence, we offer abundant grace.