Things we don’t talk much about on YAR

Today while looking at the category list on YAR I noticed several categories with just a handful of posts. It’s interesting to see which these are. I should note some of these are topics we do address but for some reason don’t categorize our posts as.

But for the others, are these topics that don’t interest you? Would you like to start talking about them more?

Chosenness (2 posts)
New Monasticism (1 post)
Consumerism (4 posts)
Corporations (1 post)
Death Penalty (1 post)
Economics (2 posts)
Education (3 posts)
End Times (1 post)
Environment (2 posts)
Ethics (2 posts)
Ex-Gay (1 post)
Excommunication (2 posts)
Foreign Policy (4 posts)
Gaza (1 post)
God (4 posts)
Guns (1 post)
Hamas (1 post)
Hate (1 post)
Illegal (1 post)
Immigration (3 posts)
Indigenous (3 posts)
Israel (2 posts)
Judaism (3 posts)
Loyalty (3 posts)
Music (4 posts)
Objective (4 posts)
Palestine (1 post)
Peace (4 posts)
Polarization (4 posts)
Poll (4 posts)
Pope (2 posts)
Rape (1 post)
Reviews (1 post)
Schism (2 posts)
Science (1 post)
Sex (4 posts) (Compare this to 8 under “Homosexuality” and 28 under “LGBTQ”)
Sports (1 post)
Stewardship (2 posts)
Stories (2 posts)
Theater (1 post)

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  1. Michael J Sharp

    I would like to lodge an official complaint and submit a ‘Request for Redress of Wrongs’ after reading this post as it has offended my Judeo-Christian sensibilities. While I understand that not everyone feels the need to alphabetize lists, the fact that ‘New Monasticism’ is the ONLY entry not in alphabetical order clearly suggests one of two things.

    The author was either intentionally rebelling against the official blogging norms as clearly defined in Sharp v. Blogospere (2007), or the author was trying to control future YAR blogging by putting New Monasticism higher on the list, alphabetically overvaluing said word by some 78 percent. Either way, I believe an official apology is in order.

    I fear that if we allow such atrocities to go uncorrected, the author of this post, and other blogging anarchists (read: terrorists), will bring chaos to our hitherto well-organized Christian blog. I will not take this lying down. If corrections are made in a timely manner (24 hours), I will dissolve the legal task force that I have set up to resolve the issue.

  2. Skylark (Post author)

    Michael, that was so funny! Thank you for this comment. I needed a laugh just now.

    And now, to explain the obvious, I put the categories in the order they appear in the tags list. “New Monasticism” was listed under “Church,” hence its out-of-alphabetical-orderness.

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