Adventures in Anabaptist Comedy Improv Auctioneering

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This past month has been a busy one for me, starting with two and a half weeks in Chicago to help lead training for new trainees joining Christian Peacemaker Teams. One of the highlights was this video of the public witness to close Guantanamo and end torture in which I did some videography and my first ever voice over narration.

This past weekend was the first in our two weekend Peace, Pies and Prophets west coast tour. On Friday night, Jan. 25, we raised over $5,000 at Seattle Mennonite Church. It was a rousing good time, with Tim Ruebke at his most hyper auctioneering level that I’d seen yet.

On Saturday night, January 26th, at Portland Mennonite we had a great turnout and all our pies went for over $200. After expenses, we raised over $7,000 for CPT.

It seems like with every show, the auction becomes more and more central in what makes the night exuberantly fun for all ages. Part way through the evening, Ted and Tim suggested that some of the little girls sitting in the front row pool their money to buy a pie:


Charletta let them borrow her CPT hat to go around and collect money from the audience. After they counted their money, they picked out a pie from the pie table and brought it up to the front. We had a special flash auction in which they bought their chosen pie for $300. In this photo, you see the spokesperson for the group of girls heading up to hand over the money to Ted for the pie:


If you read this blog and live in Oakland or Los Angeles, stop by and say hi! I always enjoy meeting readers of this blog. Event details here: Ted and Company event page.

Photos by Charletta Erb

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  1. Joseph P

    It was good to meet you in Portland, Tim. I highly recommend the show to anyone who has a chance to see it.

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