spreading democracy and civilization

like this.

I don’t have the heart to comment.

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3 Responses to “spreading democracy and civilization”

  1. Katie Says:

    While appalled, I can’t really say this is very surprising. The military and settings of war are inherantly violent and hostile environments and the military is a closed and male-dominated system. These are the kind of environments that violence against women and especially sexual violence tend to thrive. Just another point against the military.

    Interestingly, this brings to mind another situation. I’ve heard a number of people who are against LGBT people serving openly in the military rather tactlessly suggest that if gays were allowed in, the men in the military would be at rist of sexual assault from their own comrads. These folk must have had some insight into how non-gay men act in the military and have projected that on gay men. It seems that non-gay men are the only ones allowed the erotic privilege of sexual violence without consequence. Can you imagine the outcry if any other social group acted like non-gay white men?

  2. jdaniel Says:

    this isn’t about the military, but it seems somewhat relevant: ‘Censored ‘Ad sparks row in Spain (from the BBC)

  3. ST Says:

    thanks eric for picking this up. the more that different people diffuse this information, the better.

    personally, as i move to a new society, i become aware again of how many unspoken rules that there are… here, men can touch you or stick their penis into you on the bus and you are expected not to be surprised or make a loud noise about it.

    the militarization of society will only heighten the danger in which many women currently live.

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