‘peace play’

those of you around the Goshen College scene have probably heard of, witnessed, or even participated in the famous Goshen College Peace Play Contest. you should have – we’re talking submissions from international playwrights and… well… some fairly major questions about what a ‘peace play’ is.

my least favorite is the “crash” genre – airbrushed silhouettes of complexity. they make us feel all deep on the inside without actually pushing us beyond anything we’ve already thought of a million times. the self-flagellating genre is just as bad, and i’m not even sure about my own submission of the mennonite-woman-interview-play genre a few years back. it was a great interview – but i’m entirely sick of that genre. then there’s the allegory plays and the…

so what’s left? i don’t know, but i wrote a little something that i sure enjoyed writing (which is good, because it was too late to submit to the actual contest). this is inspired by the worst and aiming for the best. it probably falls into several of those categories, and hopefully can’t be contained in just one. it also inspired another play that i did submit to another contest. so here they are for your pleasure, pain, and viscous critique:

  • Another Pseudo-Allegory with Angels and Devils and Some Inappropriate Language in Six Parts: A Peace Play
  • Happy Goddamn Holidays