while we’re doing introductions

we should also be doing trust falls and walks-a-miles.

maybe. on the other hand, here’s a bit about me: i’ve been involved with cpt and various other activist groups on and off since attending my first (gateway) SOA protest. i was in South Dakota for a bit, with the warriors on La Frambois island back in 2000, and went to Vieques, Puerto Rico several times to protest my government’s use of civilian farmland for target practice. etc.

now i run a theatre company in goshen, indiana (which doesn’t pay), and work at mma as a part-time graphic designer in my spare time. mmmmmm. stewardship solutions for my bank account. i plead the fifth.

my current expresions of radical sentiment have been more subdued (read legal, potentially lame, bourgeois and ineffectual). i do what i consider to be radical theatre in a radical way – theatre that challenges the assumptions of both artists and audience, expanding our understandings of human and artistic potential. i hope to reflect the crazy, broken, irrational, hope-filled nature of life, both in the process and product of my work. if it doesn’t challenge me, it won’t challenge an audience.

i also go on polemic rants about topics such as the power of apathy as a peacemaking tool, inclusivity as a debilitating extension of individualism and entitlement, humor as the truest expression of our paradoxical and irrational existence, the need for more broken contracts (more mind-changing, more flip-flopping and more willingness to admit mistakes), hypocracy as a life-style choice and essential building-block of integrity, and pink as a radical design choice for an alternative anabaptist blog.

i also can’t spell, and i’m too lazy to spell check blog entries. please forgive me.