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radical self love
a roommate once wanted to start a “masturbate for peace” campaign. he was shot down by everyone he talked to. i now wish i had backed him up. but this isn’t really a post about that…

“love your neighbor as you love yourself.” is that a command or a statement of fact?

make someone happy – buy yourself an iPod.
maybe this is a post about that after all…

world peace
i’ve discovered the key to world peace.
i’ll sell it to you for a dollar.

yar summary

  • tradition is good and/or bad
  • the church is too inclusive and/or exclusive
  • hierarchy is bad and/or good
  • people should be nicer/better people
  • don’t throw the bath water and/or the baby out
  • change is good as long as it’s good change

jesus wasn’t a social worker
sometimes there really aren’t two sides to an issue – and listening is an act of treason.

i’m serious. not treason to god and country – treason to a peace process.

a belief (it seems to me) mlk, gandhi, bush, bin laden and jesus have in common.

goshen high school niggers
that’s right, i’m proposing a new mascot for goshen high school. the redskins have run their course (we cattle-prodded them to kansas, remember?). and i talked to this one guy who has a black, like, second cousin, and she wasn’t offended by the idea.

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  1. jdaniel


  2. Amy

    I second that, jdaniel.

  3. carl

    Hey bro – dense post. And I mean “dense” in the sense of “high concept to word ratio.” Apparently the pithiness is leading to some comprehension issues.

    “love your neighbor as you love yourself” as a statement of fact rather than a command: great point. We try to say the same thing when we talk to churches about what the indigenous story means for white Christians. If we don’t deal with our collective guilt, it keeps us from loving ourselves, which keeps us from really loving our neighbours.

    Same deal with “the sins of the fathers will be visited on the sons until the nth generation” – simple statement of fact, not arbitrary vengeful prescription. (The Bible remains unspecific as to whether the same applies to mothers and children).

    Of course, you take the whole “loving yourself” thing in a slightly different direction with the iPod bit. Given the rampant (and notoriously non-happiness-producing) buy-stuff-mania that we live in the midst of, it’s hard to say whether/when buying yourself an iPod is loving yourself. Allow me to rephrase in proper YAR style: buy yourself an iPod (or don’t). Because sometimes you make yourself happy and make the world a better place, and sometimes you just buy something because you can, and you still aren’t happy. And it’s damned hard for anyone but you to tell the difference (except when it’s not).

    Oh – you can’t sell the key to world peace for a dollar. World peace is free (as in speech AND beer) and downloadable from sourceforge.

    Something I should post on sometime: why don’t Linux and free software get more recognition as one of the biggest anti-corporate victories of the past thirty years?

    There are always two sides to an issue. If there weren’t, it wouldn’t be an issue. But certainly the two sides aren’t always both right.

    I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that listening can be an act of treason (provocative language). I would say rather that when power is too imbalanced, sometimes “dialogue” can be abusive.

    GHS mascot proposal – just hope the irony isn’t lost on anyone.

  4. eric (Post author)

    “pithiness is leading to some comprehension issues.”

    thanks bro. apt translation/response.

    i was avoiding verbosity, which, if i understand dan quayle correctly, leads to unclear, inarticulate things.

    and damn sourceforge for undercutting my sales.

  5. jdaniel

    thanks for the clarifications; the bolded headings were also a helpful move. i think reading a post that included masturbate, world peace, ipod, hierarchy, Jesus and ‘the n-word’ all running together just threw me off, especially after sitting through a boring lecture.

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