Those Apithetic Iragis

Iraqis must step up! I’ve been hearing this all over the place so I looked into it…

They’re right! Look at this guy:

He’s just sitting there!

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  1. jdaniel

    We are an idealistic nation that went to Iraq for altruistic reasons, not oil.

    I certainly cannot think of a more altruistic thing for a country to do than to forcibly bring democracy to a troubled nation. Can you?

    I find it ironic that Walsh poses this question:

    But the more important question is how badly do they want it? Is democracy as important to them as it is to us? We fought some 200 years ago for ours and we, too, received outside help, but it was our forefathers who carried the brunt of the fight. So, too, should Iraq.

    What if it’s not as important to them? What if voting in their culture(s) is seen as essentially combative– a less violent form of oneupmanship. What if it’s not viewed as a natural part of being “civilized” and “free” or as the way to peacefully coexist? (A friend of mine recently learned in a conflict resolution class she’s taking, that in fact, something to this effect is true).

    What if in 200 years (or less) free-thinking Iraqis honor their ancestors who fought to free themselves from the tyranny of American “freedom”.

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