Anabaptist Radical Needed as Military Counselor in Germany

I’ve spent the last two years doing a job I love, working with American servicemembers who have been changed by their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the same way that the Pentagon technically has the right to extend a soldier’s active-duty service indefinitely during a time of war, so too do these soldiers have a right to get out early in certain situations. And war has the power to transform people. That’s where a military counselor comes in.

In a time when peace churches are having a hard time finding ways to be proactive in response to our country’s wars, this work gives us just that opportunity. More than protest, more than letter-writing, more than being “against stuff.” We can do better by providing alternatives.

In this position, you’ll learn to understand military law, military culture, and what’s really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will also be opportunities to travel in the US and Europe to speak about issues of war and peace, explain what servicemembers who have been in the war actually say about it, and bring the Christian peace witness into the international debate. In the years I’ve worked in this capacity, I’ve had the opportunity to speak in dozens of venues in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, and Israel/Palestine.

For more information, read the attached documents or e-mail me at I’m sorry to be leaving the job, but it’s a great opportunity for someone to bring in fresh ideas and perspective. Feel free to pass this info on to other people who might be interested. For more information about the organization, check out

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  1. Hootsbuddy

    I don’t find any “attached documents.”
    How about a link?

    My service as a C.O. was over forty years ago and I’m too old to be a candidate, but other readers may be tempted.

  2. jdaniel

    here’s the link that was supposed to show up above:

  3. Michael J. Sharp (Post author)

    Okay, sorry about all the confusion. I noticed a function to upload documents with my post. I assumed that meant they would be part of the post or accessible or something (hypothesis …. false). So, any of you wanting to have more info for yourselves or others can e-mail me.

  4. TimN

    Actually Michael, you did successfully upload the flyer. You just needed to post a link to the flyer once it was uploaded. Here it is:

    MCN Volunteer Flyer

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    Sergeant S.W. Foster
    US Army
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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