Tragic Bus Accident

The Bluffton College baseball team was in a tragic bus accident in Atlanta. They were traveling to Florida for spring break training. From what we’ve learned on the news, we know that 6 are confirmed dead and more than a dozen are injured. The bus was traveling on 75 and apparently went over an overpass.

Susan Gascho, former pastor at Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship is at Grady with some of the injured. AMF is helping by hosting families and friends of the players.

Please be in prayer for the families and friends of those killed and injured. And also remember that while this is the most salient tragedy now, there are lots of other people hurting for a variety of reasons.

Bluffton University Baseball Team
Photo of the Bluffon College baseball team from Bluffton website

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  1. TimN

    Thanks for posting this, ST. I heard about the accident two hours ago and am still turning it over in my head. I don’t know anyone at Bluffton College, but an attempt to open their website made me aware of the thousands of people out there who are frantically try to find out whether their friend or cousin or nephew was among those killed or injured in the accident.

    As an activist, I find myself wanting to do something. But this isn’t a tragedy like a hurricane or a tornado where there’s cleanup work to be done. Or a military operation where there are letters to write and protests to attend. All we can do right now is light a candle and remember those who are injured and those who are dealing with the panic, pain and anger of finding out a loved one has been killed or badly injured. Let us pray.

  2. jdaniel

    Here is a link to a news story: NY Times “At Least Six Dead in Atlanta Bus Crash”

    Though we are acutely attuned to this tragedy now, our attention will likely fade soon.  Not so for the families and friends of those on the bus who have many long days, weeks, months and even years ahead in which this event will stand prominently in their minds.

  3. TimN

    Photos of those who were killed and the Bluffton campus today:

    Images from Bluffton

    and a powerful meditation on grief from the same blog:

    Tornado and a Bus Crash

  4. Skylark

    Wow. I’m just stunned, as I have been since I heard yesterday morning. It seems so senseless and random. A young woman from my church is married to one of the coaches, but her husband didn’t go on the trip. As much as I’m grateful she didn’t become a widow, there are always questions of why these people, why now, how does this fit in the overall plan. Just like any premature death.

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