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I was just reminded of the significance of the fact that yesterday was April 4. If you go back in history a few decades – you’ll remember that April 4, 1968 was the day MLK Jr. was assassinated. But right now, I’m more interested in what happened one year before that on April 4, 1967 (40th anniversary was yesterday). King gave one of his more famous speeches at Riverside Church, titled Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break the Silence.

I’ll spare you a reflection or commentary of that here but I just want to make note of this anniversary and suggest that you all take a little time to read it (pdf)* or listen to it (quicktime).* It’s pretty long so you might have to take more than a “little” time. I must have been out of the loop yesterday because I didn’t hear or read anything about it in the media. I usually catch things like this.

I must say though, that it’s not a very big mental jump to replace a few words and King could be speaking to us today. Forty years later, the message is as relevant as when he made it.

*if you don’t want to download the pdf, it’s also here and audio can also be heard here (realmedia) and here (mp3).

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  1. dshank


    Thanks for bringing up Dr. King’s Riverside speech. It remains one of the most powerful speeches he ever made. On our God’s Politics blog this week, one of my colleagues, Rose Marie Berger wrote a piece about the speech – Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” Speech 40 Years Later.

    The speech was essentially drafted by his friend and neighbor, Dr. Vincent Harding — a man who many Mennos know — and now a retired professor at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver. Rose did a long interview with Dr. Harding on Dr. King’s opposition to the war and how the speech came about.

    You might find it interesting.


  2. Katie (Post author)

    Thanks for passing that on to me Duane. I like Berger’s reflection on this speech. It’s weird I didn’t see that on the 4th because I usually keep up with the God’s Politics blog. I always smile when I see your additions to it.

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