What does a president look like?

Mitt Romney

I suppose this begs the question: What do Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton look like?

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  1. Skylark

    I think Shrek, in the upper right corner, looks pretty presidential, too. ;-)

  2. Nate Myers

    I’m not sure if I would jump to a racist or sexist suggestion just from that caption, as your tag suggests. It is a good question though. What does a president look and sound like?

  3. lukelm

    Actually, Romney & Shrek do seem to have strikingly similar expressions. And Shrek would make a great president. So anyone who looks like Shrek must look like a president, right?

  4. Dan S

    He looks more like a CEO or investment banker to me.

    Now, Fred Thompson, he both looks AND acts like a president, which is why so many Republicans want him to run. Or looks like presidents have looked and has acted in the role of president. Minus the the early wig look and later stovepipe hat look.

    I’m lately convinced that we would get better presidents if we simply held a random lottery.

  5. lukelm

    I think someone has done a study (admittedly somewhat subjective) on the history of the presidency and divine-right monarchy (the English one, maybe) and concluded that the ratio of good to mediocre to bad leaders for the two systems was exactly the same.

    If I had more energy I’d try to find the study and cite it. But I want to respond to Joe.

  6. jdaniel

    the man kinda looks like george w, dontcha think?

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