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Since the middle of May, we’ve been publishing weekly summaries of Young Anabaptist Radicals blog posts in TMail, the new weekly email of The Mennonite. In exchange for a years worth of summaries (written by various YAR authors), next year in May The Mennonite will be making a $1000 donation to the AMIGOS fund to help Mennonite, Brethren in Christ and Anabaptist-related young people from all over the world to attend the Global Youth Summit (GYS) in Paraguay 2009. Read more about this effort on the Mennonite World Conference web site.

If you’d like to subscribe to TMail, you can do so from the front page of The Mennonite in the green box on the right hand side of the page. Along with the blog summaries it includes a selection of articles from the print magazine and some weekly columns.

Finally, if you’re a YAR author and interested in helping to write a few weeks worth of summaries, email

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  1. ST


  2. Skylark

    I just went and signed up for TMail.

    OK, so we’re going to have YARs write summaries of what all of us are saying on here. Is anyone else not so sure about the idea of such summarization coming from within? Suppose two or more members are in the middle of a passionate disagreement, and one of them is doing that biweekly summary. The chances of getting a reasonably accurate representation are less than if an “outsider” summarized. Maybe we should include disclaimers before summaries of passionate discussions: “I was deeply entrenched in this discussion, so take what follows with that in mind.”

    Any lurkers want to step up and write summaries?

    (Yeah, yeah, anybody could tell what I do for a living from this comment.)

  3. TimN (Post author)


    As one of the two folks who has been writing the summary so far, I think you probably have a point. Partly as a result of your suggestion, this week I just included a quote from the first one or two sentences of each post rather than an actual summary. Hopefully this addresses your concerns adequately. Let me know what you think when you get TMail this week.

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