Information Sharing for Us Radicals

So, from time to time, a YAR will name drop or link to a blog that she reads.

I would like to propose that, for the mutual edification of everyone on the blog, and for my own curiousity, that we share – via comments on this post – some of the blogs we frequent.

If you have a few blogs that you think are high quality and cover issues that you think are important (or even news sites), then please share those blogs in the comments here.

I think if we all are able to know what others are reading, we will be able to better understand each other and understand what issues are important to YAR authors.


Comments (5)

  1. TimN

    Two that come to mind:

  2. DavidD

    I have my favourite links on my blog.


    Does anyone else here have their own personal blog?

  3. Katie

    Things I always make sure to read from my blog reader: – which, interestingly enough, just had a post referring to Conscientious Objection

    And for my radical feminist fix:

  4. Eric

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