What’s wrong with us?

Why is it that we’re happy to furiously engage in a 70+ comment discussion on what’s wrong with the blog, but when folks write thoughtful posts with probing, relevant questions for our generation, there’s barely any response?

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  1. Skylark

    For the older post, I didn’t honestly know what I could say that would be useful, and I hadn’t been around for a week or so, so I hadn’t seen the newer post. I did just leave a long comment on it.

    But that’s just me. I can’t answer for everyone else. Maybe these things require more actual thinking than we typically want to put out?

  2. TimN (Post author)

    Yeah, I think the thinking part may have something to do with it. Personally I know I’m much more likely to take the time to quickly respond to something if it grabs me at an emotional level. Whereas if it’s a more intellectual or abstract issue, I’m more likely to put off responding by telling myself I need to think about it. And then other business of life intervenes…

  3. Jason J

    I had just started coming around to this blog when the 70 comment argument started. The dissension and disagreement of that thread really turned me off to coming around for a while. I wonder if I’m the only one.

  4. somasoul

    I’ve been trying to not come around YAR as much either. It seems that the blog is devoted to activist-christianity, that is, agreeing that Christianity only operates within a preset idea of what is appropiate activism.

    Discussions about Christianity and Anabaptism and how they affect the world take second place to discussions about how activism should affect Christianity and Anabaptism.

    Another way of saying this, perhaps more clearly (I’m rarely clear), is that this blog has an activist box and it puts Christianity inside of it.

    I think that’s dumb. My opinion is unappreciated. So I stay away.

  5. Stephanie

    I lurk on this blog now and then and have never left a comment before, but after reading this post I’m compelled to say that the two posts you referenced were some of the best ones I’ve read on YAR and they have certainly contributed to my checking the blog more regularly in the past few weeks.

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