Hello.  My name is Josh.  And I am an Anabaptist.

Well, pretty sure anyway.  Theres only a small number of people using the label of Anabaptism is Australia, tho many more exploring the traditions and those related to it.

I came to anarchism and anabaptism through a marrying of my activism and earlier evangelicalism.

My wife and I live in a small community in Perth called Peace Tree.  Peace Tree has been around since ’04, living in a forgotten neighbourhood trying to work out how to live as Christians in a society more interested in security and money.  Our community is small, a max population of 8, but perhaps 20 with sympathizers.

My wife (Amy) and I are actually away from home at the moment as well.  We’ve been 5 months in Timor Leste (me working on a Permaculture garden and Amy mostly teacing english).  This coming weekend we go the UK for 5 months and are keen to catch up with communities and like minded ppl.  I came across this blog trying to find out what is happening (I saw another community member – Jarrod Mckenna – being written about as well).  So, yeah, hello – I like coffee and gardening.



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  1. Josiah Garber

    Welcome. Nice to meet you.

  2. Robert Martin

    G’day, mate! Good on yer for introducing yourself (I’ve got several Aussie expatriots in my place of work so I’ve been working on my lingo).

  3. joe

    Hi Josh – anabaptism is a minority sport in the UK – there is only one mennonite congregation – but quite a few people affected by anabaptist thinking in various ways. You might like to check out Mark Berry for example

    I think there are a growing number of people who are developing a Kingdom theology outside of the structures of church.

  4. ST

    Christian Peacemaker Teams are coming to the UK for training in October. Maybe you’ll get a chance to interact with them? TimN has details.


  5. andrea

    Hi! If you are wanting to find anabapist-type congregations in the UK, look up the Wood Green Mennonite Church, or the Clapton Park United REform church (also known as the Round Chapel) in Hackney. Both are located in London, and dear to my heart.
    – andrea

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