YAR meet up at Convention?

If you can’t watch the video above, the main question is this:

Is anyone from YAR going to the MCUSA convention in Pittsburgh, Pa.  And if so, are you interested in meeting up face to face?  Maybe 9pm-ish on either Tuesday or Wednesday of that week?

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  1. isaac

    Hi Alan. I’ll be there and I’d be interested in getting together.


  2. Nathan Eanes

    Hey Alan,
    I live in Pittsburgh and would be happy to help organize or at least recommend some venue. I won’t be there– have to be out of town over convention week.

    If people can comment on this and let me know what they’re thinking of (bar? coffee shop? outdoor venue where people can mingle?) and I’ll do my best to help out any way I can.

  3. TimN

    I’m definitely interested in a meetup. I haven’t looked at any schedule yet, but I notice that the Union Project is hosting a gathering of “Young Goshen College Alum” at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, July 6. Might be a nice opportunity to show up and thank them for not playing the anthem (and encourage them to choose Song of Peace as the alternative) and then meet up as a YAR group afterwards.

  4. Nathan Eanes

    Tim: The Union Project is definitely a large enough space for a meetup, and because I go to church in their building, I could probably help get permission for you to host the meeup there.

    The Union Project is a bit of a hike from the convention center (although, Tim, you’ll be staying within a 5-minute walk of it). Do people mind that?

  5. Ben Wideman

    I’m a bit new to this site, but I’ll be at convention and I’d love to connect with some people.

    Additionally, I’d give a plug for this event…

    You are invited to come and participate in the conversation among young leaders about what it means to be both Anabaptist and be engaged in the Mission of God in our different contexts.

    Things are changing. The Anabaptist movement is no longer confined to particular denominations birthed in 16th century Europe. Radical followers of Jesus today encounter a dynamic new reality full of potential and uncertainty.

    It is time for a new generation of leaders in North America to gather to share about what Anabaptism looks like in our neighborhoods, and to discover ways to engage the complex world we live in missionally.

    Please see attached flyer to learn more. Email us at anabaptistmissionalproject@gmail.com if you would like to be put on the participant list for the Gathering. An RSVP letter will be sent out later with more information on cost, logistics, and schedule.

    Join us in sharing our stories, passions, concerns and hopes!

    Anabaptist Missional Project
    A network of young Anabaptist Christian leaders
    who love Jesus, care about the church,
    and seek to be part of God’s mission in the world

  6. Josiah Garber

    Sorry, I won’t be there this year.

  7. gyakusetsu

    Yes. Working with a youth group, so will have a 1:30 to 6:30 or so and 9-11 pm or so open each day.

  8. Tim B

    Can I come?

  9. AlanS (Post author)

    TimB, only if you post a picture of yourself so I know what you’ll look like.

    either that or wear a yellow ribbon in your hair so we can identify you. ;)

    Seriously though, if you’re there, I really do hope you come.

  10. AlanS (Post author)

    Actually, that does raise an interesting question. You all know what I look like, but I’m not really sure that I know what most of everyone else looks like. What’s a good way to identify ourselves?

  11. Sam

    Two things-
    1) To identify the YAR group, we should have a big sign wherever we meet, so people can find us. We can get more specific about who’s who then.

    2) speaking of things we should go to-“So You Want To Serve on a Non-Profit Board: Rick Stiffney, Mennonite Health Services Alliance”
    Tuesday, 7:00 – 8:30, Room 333

    Rick’s looking to leave the panel with 20 names of people who would be interested in serving on Mennonite boards. This is a good place to get connected.

  12. TimN

    So, after reading through the thread, I’m still not sure where and when we’re meeting.

    Alan, since you posted, why don’t you go ahead and make the decision based on what people have posted here? It seems like 9 pm is a good time for people. You just need to pick a date and a place to meet.

  13. AlanS (Post author)

    Well, ok then.

    I’d vote for Wednesday at 9pm.

    As for where…. It sounds like there are some people who will be there but not officially attending the convention. Is that right? I’m assuming that it’s it possible for non-official-attenders to still get into the convention center and it might be a possibility to meet somewhere in there? That it would be the most central location for me (and I think others) to meet somewhere at the convention center or around there. I don’t see a whole lot of detail on the website as to what is where in the convention center. The one thing that I know will be there is the “conversation room”. Would it be worthwhile to say meet there, wherever it might be? Just a suggestion.

    yeah or nay?

  14. Sam

    there is also a “Young Adult Lounge” which doesn’t have anything formally scheduled Wednesday evening at 9:00.
    Might make sense also.

  15. AlanS (Post author)

    Sam, I like that location better.

    Wednesday 9pm @ the young adult lounge?

    Sound Good everyone?

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  17. ST

    I am responsible for coordinating English-Spanish oral (and some written) translation for the convention. I am not sure if I will have the time or energy this convention to do anything else. It’s not clear to me how my week will be scheduled out.

    But if for some reason I’m available at 9pm on Wednesday, I’ll try to make my way over to the YA lounge for the meet & greet.

    Safe travels everyone!

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