Poll for new YAR tag line is up

Vote for your favorite new tag line for Young Anabaptist Radicals in the right hand sidebar. Options are:

  • Not necessarily naked
  • Waving at the past, laughing at the present, dancing to the future
  • Quilting outside the lines
  • Because some quilts are crazier than others
  • Forget the Alamo. Remember M√ľnster
  • Resurrecting Reformation
  • Beware the Amish Pirates

It’s not too late to suggest your own! The poll winner will go in the front page header where it currently says “Beware the Amish Pirates”

Comments (6)

  1. Derek Yoder

    Wow – we need multiple choice voting.

  2. Amy Yoder McGloughlin

    Can I be a little grumpy about the options that are currently in the lead? (With the caveat that I didn’t submit anything better.)

    “Not Necessarily Naked” is clever, but insider. “Quilting outside the lines” is the same thing. Are we going to be Mennonite–as in old school insider Mennonite–or are we going to be Anabaptist here?

    If we are going to be Radically Anabaptist, perhaps we should not have a tagline that looks to our cultural past, but embraces the possibility that someday those of us who are posting here will not be all white and have Mennonite last names.

  3. TimN (Post author)

    Amy, I had similar concerns when I saw the quilting one. The Naked Anabaptist reference is also ultimately an insider tag line.

    The Good news is that only 24 people have responded to the poll so far. That means the poll could easily be swayed by a strong argument or even a new and better tag line.

    Also, we haven’t said how long the new tag line will be up for. Perhaps we can have a more regular rotation than once every 5 years.

  4. Greggernaut

    Maybe time for a few more options?
    -Core values for current times
    -Prophetic past, present, and future
    -Harmony in diversity
    -Believing the basics, leaving the rest
    -The choice of a post-Christian church
    -Millenials moving on
    -Have you hugged a martyr today?

    Just a few random thoughts while sitting in a “Naked Anabaptist” Sunday School class…

  5. Greggernaut

    A few more, then I’ll stop:
    -Citizens of an unearthly kingdom
    -Faith across boundaries
    -In the world, not of the world
    -Remembering who we should be

  6. TimN (Post author)

    Okay, Greggernaut, they are all added. That’s one long poll…

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