The ‘Reign of God’ is among you…

The Associated Press reported, on October 8, that 75 people attended the funeral of Charles C. Roberts. About half of the “mourners” were Amish.

In a world run by retaliatory violence, a community near Lancaster PA took a chance on the Reign of God.

That’s history. It’s irrefutable. It’s staggeringly convicting. It’s Anabaptism — lived.

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  2. Brian Hamilton

    Amen. This is witness.

  3. jdaniel

    Apparently the Amish and the rest of the Anabaptist community have it all wrong. I would just love to get this book for Christmas. Do they still make WWJD? bracelets, ’cause I’d want one of those too to go along with it.

    In “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense,” van Wyk makes a biblical, Christian case for individuals arming themselves with guns, and does so more persuasively than perhaps any other author because he found himself in a church attacked by terrorists.

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