Celebrating YAR’s 3 Month anniversary

Three Months by TimIts been three months since Eric kicked things off here. Since then we’ve had 64 posts and 126 comments. For those of you who like statistics, that’s an average of 1 post every 1.4 days and and 1.4 comments every day. How’s that for serendipity?

We’ve had 40 people sign up as users on the blog and 14 of you have gotten around to writing a post (you can see who you are under Harlequin/Zealots label on the right hand sidebar). We look forward to hearing from the other 26 of you! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you along.

We’ve attracted the attention of a few other bloggers out there. Our most consistent links have been from Hootsbuddy’s Place:

This is Christian witness illustrating ecumenical tolerance at its best. What a great find for a Sunday afternoon!

Hootsbuddy on More Mennonite Notes from a Catholic University… by Angie

Hootsbuddy also posted a response to Katie’s Polygamous Anabaptists post and said we have “power-filled simplicity” based on TimS’s The ‘Reign of God’ is among you… Thanks for all the kind words, Hoots!

This is also a good opportunity to improve on our “About Us” section, which Eric and I put together rather undemocratically. Some people have been reading it and scratching their heads. I bet between the 40 of us, we can come up with something better. Who are we anyhow? If you’ve posted at least once, you should have permission to edit the page directly when you’re logged in. Otherwise, feel free to leave comments with suggestions.

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  1. Hootsbuddy

    This site represents a very important Christian witness in today’s world. I was drafted in 1965 as a conscientious objector and served two years on active duty as a Medical Corpsman. I feel that one day I might be a resource for those few others who need to do likewise. It is not an easy matter to be “in” and not “of” the world but it is possible.

    If history has any lesson it is this: What passes for peace seems always to be pounctuated by wars. We have no way to know when the next one will come, but as Christians we must be prepared to keep the fragile seeds of peace alive until those dark times have passed again. If we do not keep safe the tools of reconciliation and forgiveness, then who else will?

    Keep up your good work.

  2. Amy

    Congrats, YAR! I’m so happy to have found you, and I’ve been sharing your site with many others.

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