New blog features

Last night I installed some new features for the YAR blog to improve your reading and writing experience.

The main new feature is the new “Related YAR posts” section at the bottom of every post, just before comments. It shows three posts that the computer guesses are similar in content to the article you are viewing. Now that we have 54 posts in the archives and counting, this is one way to introduce new visitors to older content they might not have seen.

If you have a minute, to help me test out the new feature, browse through some of the site archives and follow the links to related posts and see if you think the computer’s recommendations make sense. Leave a comment here if you have comments or suggestions on what you discover. I’ve set it up to only show 3 blog posts, but it could show more or less.

The other new feature is less visible, but quite helpful. It’s a piece of software called Bad Behavior that’s set up to block comment spam bots before they can even post their comment spam, so we don’t have to deal with it. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a counter “Bad Behavior has blocked X access attempts in the last 7 days.”

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  1. freeradical

    Hi. Could someone please email me regarding info about the website such as mission, focus, audience, etc?

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