Looking for Independent Music

I have a short “networking” request:

A good friend of mine, who recently lived and worked in Jerusalem, is putting together a dvd on Gaza for Catholic Relief Services (crs.org). Unfortunately, copyright laws are creating a few road blocks to the process, so he is looking for independent artists/musicians/music that he could use for the purposes of the dvd. If you know anyone, are an artist yourself, or have music you would be willing to share for the project, I would greatly appreciate any help with this. The music should be really wide ranging in genre…and the whole project is really fantastic…


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  1. Skylark

    What kinds of songs is he looking for lyrically? Would it help if the musicians were Catholics, or do they only need to present a Christian-type message in the songs>

  2. Dustin

    I have some friends that are independent musicians. Their website is http://myspace.com/statebirdmusic . They could listen to some of the songs online and then just send them an email.

  3. Brian Hamilton

    A few that I’ve gotten a kick out of, all singer-songwriter genre:

    • Scott Andrew, who only asks that you contact him before using it related to any social campaign.
    • Shannon Campbell, who I’m sure would appreciate the same but doesn’t say anything about it.
    • Erik Ostrom, who has restricted most of the tracks since I got them, but still licenses all of his music through Creative Commons.
    • Derek Powazek, though these songs have been released only very informally and you’d have to e-mail him to see what he was willing to let happen with them.

    In general, one can mill around the web searching for music under Creative Commons licenses and find a gold mine.

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