Poll update – sorry guys

Our poll on white, non-gay men in ministry is now closed. In the month it was up, we received 30 votes of which 5 were abstentions. So of 25 votes, there were 15 yes votes. That is a encouraging 60%. Unfortunately, it is also two votes short of the 2/3 super-majority needed so I guess it’s too bad for you white, non-gay, males out there.

If you could all send your ordination papers back to where you got them, we would be much abliged. Feel free to keep your papers for licensing but you will no longer be able to be primary pastors without special permission. White non-gay men will still be allowed to serve on church planting teams, pastoral teams, or other specific ministries. The official YAR statement is below*.

“Within [YAR], there are a variety of beliefs and practices regarding roles of men and women in ministry, pastoral leadership [and blogging]. Contrary to the either/or clarity that some persons wished to bring to this discussion, the practice of [YAR] is more accurately described as a continuum in which [white, non-gay men] are involved to lesser or greater degrees in congregations. Through the process of spiritual discernment it was clear that equally sincere and faithful people understand Scripture differently and come to differing conclusions regarding the practice of [white, non-gay men] in leadership and ordination.”

Really, this hurts us more than it hurts you.

In other news, mfalme’s post has promted me to make a new poll. We just want to know. We won’t kick you off if you answer wrong.

*actually, this isn’t the official YAR statement. We have no official statement or official statementers at this time. I just copied part of what someone in Lancaster Mennonite Conference had to say about their vote and did a bit of editing.

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  1. Amy

    I tried to vote, but it didn’t go through. So, does one more vote FOR ordination help? :)

  2. Katie (Post author)

    Well, that would make it 16 out of 26, or 61%. Still 2 votes short. Sorry that didn’t work for you. The guys needed 5 more yes votes without any more no votes to reach 66.66%. If you try to vote in the new poll and it doesn’t work, I’d get in touch with Eric or TimN. They should be able to help you.

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