Update on Cynicism and Hope Conference

A few months ago I wrote here about ideas coming together for a conference on the theme of Cynicism and Hope. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve now got an exciting slate of speakers and workshop leaders put together. If you’re interested in coming, we’ve even got an on-line registration form if you’re ready to sign up.

Today I had a piece published on the God’s Politics blog talking a bit more about the history of the gathering.

Here’s an excerpt:

Dula spoke simply and honestly about the caustic combination of guilt and disempowerment that attacks those of us living in the United States. We are complicit in horrific acts of destruction, but our leaders have largely abandoned the rusty apparatus of democracy — a trend accelerated by Bush and company. Our protests begin to feel like empty rituals. Politicians have taken advantage of our culture’s apathy and nihilism to shed the last vestiges of accountability. As Dula put it, “We are no longer enough of a democracy that the people feel empowered, but still enough of one that people feel responsible.”

Make sure to check out the comments on the post. It make discussions on YAR look like a cake walk through the park on a sunny day.