Christarchy: Support groups for the Jesus revolution

A friend who is a Mennonite pastor in Minneapolis sent me a link to Christarchy!, and I thought some of you might be interested. From the web site:

Christarchy! is a growing network of people who want to put the teachings of Jesus into practice (living simply, caring for the poor, practicing hospitality, making peace, etc.) Jesus calls us to a revolutionary, transformational way of living life. He challenges the economic, political, social, and religious status quo. And we want to follow in his footsteps.

And from Mark’s email:

Why be a part of a Christarchy group? If you’ve ever wanted to go deeper into the practical implications of Jesus’ teachings but have felt alone or unsupported, Christarchy! is for you. Or perhaps you’ve taken some steps, and want to share what you’ve learned. Or maybe you’re curious, but don’t know where to begin?

We gather to explore how to live out Jesus’ radical way–the bold ethic displayed in the four Gospels. We believe that the Gospel is something to be embodied as well as proclaimed. Together, we are committed to exploring what it looks like to take Jesus’ teachings and actions seriously for our day.

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  1. somasoul

    Challenge the status quo?

    For Christians:

    Economics: Seemingly exactly like non-Christians. Make money. Buy SUVs. Move to the suburbs or a rural area. Hide. Buy a pool. Get a big nice house.

    Political: Exactly like non-Christians. Become enveloped in political process’. Despise the other “team”. Buy political bumper stickers. Use the Bible as justification to worship the state.

    Social: Exactly like non-Christians. Watch TV.

    Religious: Run away from urban areas. Be afraid of drug dealers and prostitutes. Go to church. Despise sinners. Use the Bible as justification to worship the state.

  2. Lora (Post author)

    Somasoul, I think I see where you’re going but I’m not totally sure. Care to add in a few more lines?

  3. somasoul

    I was just adding my viewpoint of the current situation with the American Church.

    The status quo is……..bad. It’s really terrible. I quit church earlier this year because the people pissed me off. Excuse the language. Churches spend money on carpet and new lighting and the next building project, hiring the next gopher/assistant pastor/worship leader…….is running a church a hobby?

    A couple months ago I was trying to get a church who had a ton of space to let me use some of it once a month for Xian Rock shows. This church bought a huge space, an empty grocery store, and the space I wanted to use they didn’t use at all. It was empty. I offered them all the take from the door minus a hundred bucks. The pastor thought it was a good idea. Once word got out that Xian metal bands and Xian punk bands would play and that the event might attract some kids who might smoke or swear some members of the church had the event shut down before it ever began.

    They were concerned that some of their kids from their church might show up and be influenced by these bad kids that may or may not ever show up.

    Christians today spend money on facilities. They hide in the suburban villages away from people. They look, feel, and taste like everyone else. They are terrified people. They are terrified of prostitutes and drug dealers. They are terrified of cigarettes and homosexuals and dirty T-shirts. American Idol and rampant American Consumerism are A-OKAY! The status quo for Christian “normalcy” is a life of complacency and apathy and other negative words that end in the letter y.

    Sometimes you need to shake that up.

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