The war needs to stop

I can’t even bear to write a post about the war.

This is just to send a word of encouragement to all working to stop the war and build societies of peace and justice. I hope you have found sustainable, life giving ways to resist and create. We must keep speaking up, because as Rev. Dr. MLK Jr. said, “our lives begin to end the moment we are silent about things that matter.”

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  1. somasoul

    Yeah. Doesn’t look like it’s gonna end anytime soon.

    I voted for the only presidential canidate to pull out all the troops immediately but our efforts failed.

    On a national level both of parties have failed us on this issue.

  2. Monica

    Have you seen this?

    Moving …

  3. Jason J

    I voted for that guy too, but sadly not too many other people agreed.

    The Republicans all seem to be warmongers, and the democrats all like to play peacemaker, but after 2 years of being in control of congress, nothing has happened yet. Its all very frustrating

  4. SteveK

    The Dems may be in control of Congress, but they don’t have enough votes to override a presidental veto. This means that the parties are in political stalemate except for that which both parties agree on. And since they can’t agree on the war, the pres gets to do what he wants. Still.

    Steve K

  5. somasoul

    Partially true, Steve. Congress could impreach the president for declaring an unconstitutional war and there is no way he could veto that.

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