I’m not a radical.

I’m not a radical. Not in the sense that some people might see it anyway. The term might be associated with those who espouse a more liberal socio-political worldview. It’s been used that way. And by that definition I am not a radical. Nor am I a “Young Anabaptist Radical”. If young means “under 25 & unmarried” then I’m lacking in the young department (I’m 28, if you want to know). I’m also not an anabaptist. Maybe not one that would generally fit into the traditional “anabaptist” stereotypes (if such a thing exists at all).

I thought I’d come clean.

But if weighing 120 pounds and still having the ba………er, guts to get into a moshpit is young then I’m by all means, “young”. And if by anabaptist you mean someone who is “born again” and typically might agree with where anabaptistism has been and seems to be going then call me an “anabaptist”. And if by radical you me someone who is willing to push the bounds of where Christianity and Anabaptism has been then I’m a radical.

I don’t want to get bogged down semantics here. You won’t hear me buy into viewpoints of the conservative or liberal viewpoints. I don’t by into PC new-speak and I won’t memorize any party’s or agenda’s mantra.

I thought I’d come clean.

Being on no-one’s team seems to make people think I’m against them. But then again I believe I’m on Jesus’ team. I think he’s taking me on a “radical” journey. A journey that’s still “young” though the story was made at the dawn of time. And a journey that requires us all to be “anabaptist” in the original sense of the word.

I want to be daring, to be fearless, purposeful, yet willing to accept new directions.

I don’t know what this means. I don’t know at all.

I thought I’d come clean.

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  1. wezlo

    I wrote this entry a while ago – it appears it was part of a larger context and I didn’t even know it..

    Not Really a Radical

  2. JeremyY

    I’m not sure I understand what you need to “come clean” about. Could you explain your thought process a bit more?

  3. somasoul

    “I’m not sure I understand what you need to “come clean” about. Could you explain your thought process a bit more?”

    Seems there were some folks here and elsewhere that thought I should be someone else.

    I don’t walk lockstep with radical liberal/conservative agendas. Seems some people were more concerned with their various agendas then with anything else.

    I didn’t want people to mistake me for someone else. Wanted to clear the air a bit, I suppose.

  4. Steven Kippel

    “Being on no-one’s team seems to make people think I’m against them.”

    That’s what it is right? “If you’re not with us you’re against us.” That’s what they say.

    This whole idea that we’re not part of the world’s system scares them. We’re hard to categorize. Where do you put us in those floating graphs on CNN? What candidate is strong amongst us?

    Unfortunately politics is more important than our faith in Christ in this country. We all share in the Body of Christ – you know, being separate members and all – but if you’re not voting against immigration reform (or for it, depending on who you talk to), you’re not a good Christian and we’ve got to establish some buffer room so you don’t confuse those stupid liberals/fanatical conservatives with “true Christianity” – you know, the Christianity I am a part of.

    Seems a bit arrogant to me.

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