Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology

I was surprised to see that there was little discussion about the Jeremiah Wright controversy on this blog; perhaps because it is being discussed in every other forum available.

At any rate, if nothing else, the whole charade has produced a number of interesting responses; I was particularly struck by the series that NPR did on black liberation theology. I think it was a thoughtful way to approach the Jeremiah Wright scandal: they asked the question “where is he coming from?”, and set out to find the answer. If you are interested, I have linked below a number of radio pieces on black liberation theology, particularly interesting is the interview with James Cone, a founding thinker in the black liberation theology movement.

Black Liberation Theology, in its Founder’s Words

The Roots of Black Liberation Theology***

Religious Scholars Discuss Liberation Theology

Understanding Rev. Jeremiah Wright

And here is a great video of a Catholic priest who was stopped on the street by a Fox News team to question him about why he was having Rev. Wright speak at his parish. This priest then goes on to basically own the Fox News reporter and give one of the better interviews I’ve ever seen on Fox News.

Fox News Owned by Catholic Priest

Edit: Here’s King’s Riverside speech, which is a shining example of prophetic liberation theology.

MLK’s Riverside Speech

And here’s Archbishop Romero’s Last Speech as well.

*** I finally figured out which program it was that had this issue: check out “The Roots of Black Liberation Theology” and listen long enough for the callers. A queer woman calls around the 22nd minute and questions these theologians on how they view inclusion in terms of sexual identity.

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  1. Mark Nielsen

    Yeah, no surprise the priest knew his stuff… radical Catholics (or just honest ones like Oscar Romero) were the founders of the liberation theology movement. I heard Gustavo Gutierrez speak a few years ago in Chicago. Quiet power & grace… not the fire and fury of Rev. Wright, but a steady, thoughtful and proud stance born of years of patient struggle.

    I just learned of a tasty little Clinton & Wright connection this week. Gonna blog about it tomorrow after a bit more homework.

  2. Brian Hamilton

    Thanks for these links; this is phenomenal. The interview with Cone is the most wonderfully direct and succinct presentation of the basis of his theology I’ve heard–it’s a great one to use for introducing people to his thought, I think. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard the gospel preached like this on national radio!

  3. ArchaicFuturist

    The whole Wright scandal has left me absolutely disgusted, and even more pessimistic than usual about race in the US. Wright is spot-on correct in his analysis of race and power in America, and what happens? He and his church are crucified (yes, I really do intend that comparison) in the media, and right-wingers and the Clintons (not that those are really separate) twist his words in blatantly racist ways to attempt to derail Obama’s campaign. And Obama, of course, kisses Wright on the cheek before handing him over to the authorities…

    Anyway, I found today’s Democracy Now! coverage of the affair quite interesting. It’s available in audio
    and video.

  4. Jeremy D Lucas

    To Whom It May Concern:

    The following title may be of interest to your readers.

    The Segregated Hour: A Layman’s Guide to the History of Black Liberation Theology

    If you would like further information, please contact myself or Wipf and Stock Publishers.


    Jeremy D. Lucas

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