Destruction of the World Corporate Structure

I wrote this for a group of hard core youth who were into anarchy:

Injustice reigns in the earth. Capitalism is corrupt, only granting freedom to the wealthy, while the poor get ground in the dust. The 200 wealthiest people in the world, all heads of corporations, control 40% of the world’s wealth, while the poorest 20% of the world live on 1% of the world’s wealth. The 40 wealthiest Western nations have 85% of the world’s wealth.

Perhaps such disparity in the world today wouldn’t be so bad if the governments and corporations of the world were concerned with justice in the world and providing equity for the poor. Instead, the wealthy of the world use their economic power as the whip on the backs of the oppressed.

The developing countries of the world are required to pay a huge amount of interest on loans, and so unable to pay back the loans, and thus their people starve. On the other hand, the United States has a trillion-dollar debt that they can refuse to pay, if they want. The corporations of the West use Chinese labor to do the menial tasks that the workers of the West find demeaning or that don’t pay enough. Then the Chinese oppress their people, telling them where to work, how to worship, where to live and how many children to have. The world corporations are creating oppression as well in Vietnam, Mexico, Haiti, Bangladesh, Singapore, and multitudes of other developing nations. And all this, while not discouraging them to cease the oppression of ethnic, religious and political minorities.

The governments of the West, especially the United States, are controlled by the corporations, who gain benefits in how much taxes they pay, what tariffs are to be imposed on imports and which developing nations are to be given benefits and which governments are to be destroyed by the U.S. military. And even the nations that receive benefits, they receive it with a price tag that requires them to act in the benefit of the West. Colonization may be dead, but the North American and European nations are controlling the world economically through the UN, the WTO and through their diplomatic carrots and sticks.

In the twenty-first century, economic power is absolute power. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The poor are crying out in opposition to the world corporate structure. Protests are happening all over the world. The world press is decrying the controls of the West- although the American press never acknowledges a peep of the worldwide outcry.

What will happen? Will the poor rise up and overthrow their oppressors? Will there be unification among the workers who will overcome the wealth and power of the corporations? Will a great class war happen that will change the economic structure of the world and set all people free economically? Will there be real change in humanity that will provide justice for everyone?

Give me a break.

Let’s look at this historically. Those who were truly poor have never been successful in rising up against their oppressors. From the rise of the Lombards in the 1400s to the Peasants’ War in the early 1500s to the Rebellion of John Brown in the mid 1800s to the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda in the late 1900s, when the truly poor violently rise up against their oppressors, it only ends in tragedy and in the oppressors having an example of why they need to oppress.

Violence and resistance can create an economic change, such as the French Revolution, the Labor Parties, the Communist Revolutions of Russia and China. But the economic benefits are limited to a particular class of people, usually the middle class. Thus, the poor are not assisted at all, but only those who had enough power to enact change themselves.
This is not real change. It is just trading one set of oppressors for another. And this is a summary of the history of the world, for the last 10,000 years.

There is, however, another way for real change to occur. There is a way for the world corporate system to be destroyed and to be replaced by justice. But it requires much more than most people are willing to give. It does not require power, but humility. Not control, but persecution and death.

We need to recognize that the only force that will change things in the world for good is God. God alone has the power and authority to change the world permanently. God alone has the compassion and desire to help the poor, the lowest of the low (Check it out in the Bible- Exodus 22:21-27). God alone, of all the powers that have ever existed, has dedicated himself to helping those who are truly in need (Psalm 146:3-9). And he has promised that any governmental, corporate or religious power that oppressed the poor, he will destroy (Psalm 82:1-8; Revelation 18:1-24).

However, God requires the poor to do one most important thing- to cry out to him for help. The poor must recognize his authority over them and then cry out to him (Exodus 22:23; II Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 18:6-17; Psalm 34:17; Psalm 107). They must turn from the evil things they do- from oppressing their neighbor and do good to all, and then God will listen to them (Micah 3:4; Hosea 8:2-3; Ezekiel 18:27). And those who are poor must ask God persistently for God’s deliverance from oppression and he will give it (Luke 18:2-8). Such humility is required from God to gain freedom from oppression (Luke 18:10-14).

And this way of life needs to be given to others who are poor. Many need to be shown and taught this way of life in order for the oppression of the world corporate structure to be destroyed. If a single person cries out against an oppressor, then that one will be delivered from the one oppressor. If a multitude of poor, all around the world, cry out against the world corporate structure, then the whole world will be changed. This means that we need a multitude of people dedicated to God and to cry out to him for justice to change the world.

But even the humility and the training of others is not enough. We need to prove the oppression. We need to show that oppression really is occurring- for no power overthrows another without proof. This means that we need to put ourselves in the front lines of oppression. We need to show God and the world that the world corporate structure is willing to sacrifice and kill others, but not itself.

How do we do this? Through non-violent, public outcry against oppression. Through standing in front of the violent and haters of the poor, and telling them to stop or they will be destroyed by God. Through praying for God’s justice in their presence.

And then letting them oppress us.

When they want to arrest us, we let them. When they want to punish us, we let them. When they want to hit us, we let them and we do not hit back. Instead, we make a public spectacle of their oppression. We give them an opportunity to show how evil they really are.

And they will be destroyed. By God. By someone God appoints. But the world will change.

Some say, How can you know this? This has never happened before! It can never succeed! Wrong. It has succeeded. And the poor have been released by this very method. Martin Luther King Jr. used this method against those oppressing the black communities, even allowing himself to be martyred. Gandhi used this method, systematically destroying the power of the British. The Anabaptists of the Sixteenth Century used this method- thousands dying for the Truth- and changed the face of Christianity. The Waldensians used this method, and caused there to be a resurgence of concern for the poor, including the powerful Franciscan movement. And all of these successful movements were sourced from one person- Jesus.

Jesus himself came to assist the poor. He brought them freedom and stood against the oppressive authorities that used their power for injustice. But rather than begin a violent revolution, he suffered and was executed as a rebel. And it was because of this that a movement sprang up among the poor that changed the ethical outlook of the world- Christianity. And through Jesus the Jewish government was destroyed and the Roman government was changed forever. And while Christianity has been used for many evils throughout the centuries, the teaching and life of Jesus has been used as an example of the most positive world changers that has existed.

Jesus’ method of world change is just as outlined above-
a. Do no evil, but do good to the needy according to God’s love (Mark 1:15; Matthew 7:12);
b. Cry out to God for justice (Luke 18:1-8);
c. Declare to the oppressors the judgment they will face from God (Matthew 10:7, 28)
d. Allow them to oppress you to display their evil (Matthew 5:38-48)
e. Teach the poor the message of freedom from oppression through the way of Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20)
f. And justice will prevail through the power of God! (Matthew 10:24-27)

The world system will be changed! but only through the way of Jesus.

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  1. Josiah

    We must speak out against the injustice of institutions like the IMF, CFR, NATO, NAFTA, WTO.

    Non Violence is the key.

  2. mountainguy

    Since finish of middle ages capitalism has kidnapped, killed, tortured, raped, loathed and stole MUCH more than comunism or fascism or any other system.

  3. SteveK (Post author)

    I failed to mention a short story about this tract: About six years ago I was in a meeting space that used to be an adult book store, but was at that time a club for under 21 for punk music. I printed up a bunch of these, and left them around the building, so people could just pick them up. On the front page, it just had the title, nothing else.

    One day, I came to set up church and someone had nailed one of the tracts up on our door and had scrawled over the front: “You should all be crucified!” My response is: that’s the aim.

  4. Josiah Garber

    Three book suggestions.

    Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

    Economics in One Lesson

    The True Story of the Bilderberg Group

    Death By Government

    That should be a good start.

    By the way we haven’t had capitalism in this country for a long, long time.

    But I agree our Government is abusing its powers.

  5. Josiah Garber

    sorry about my bad counting skills :-)

  6. Tim Baer

    Theidea that capitalism is corrupt (or any other economic system) seems absurd to me. People will abuse whatever financial systems they are under and they will use whatever means possible to garner power under that system.

    People are corrupt. Systems merely try to prevent it from being so…most of the time.

  7. Sue

    Enjoyed reading your essay. Would be curious about your Christian denomination. (I am studying Peace and Justice.)
    Your examples are great.
    Madoff=Greed. Corporate executives getting bonuses from tax payers and people losing their homes!

  8. Rusty

    I really liked the essay, except that I would have just as hard of a time believing that this is possible- that the poor of the world will all simultaneously cry out to god. I wish that would be the case. I think that you are certainly correct in your claim that the way you outlined above is the way of jesus, but I struggle with it. I am not for violent revolution, but certainly for something. Not stopping violence is equal to inflicting it, no matter how you look at it. You agree that the world corporate structure is violent, as noted in the first few paragraphs. Not many people see it that way, though it is clearly the way it is. I live in a poor neighborhood in Chicago where people get killed, 10 year old kids are addicted to crack and the police roam for kicks. The economic system has forgotten about us in this neighborhood. Our roads are filled with potholes, our parks are overgrown and filthy and our street lights are busted. But that is okay because we don’t support the economy as much as the other neighborhoods. This is violence, a hidden violence that takes the lives and dreams of so many young kids. There are a few churches in this area and I am sure that they cry out to god unceasingly for economic freedom, but the fact remains unchanged.

    What are we to do? nothing = violence. I don’t to run nonviolent direct action campaigns that aim at putting regulations or stipulations on our economic system. I want to stop, change, destroy capitalism. the government simply cant help me in this one, therefore calling on them to do os is pointless.

    As I said I do not advocate violence, but I advocate action. And I am not sure that ghandi or kings example applies to a global economic system.

  9. Josiah Garber

    Good thought Tim. People are corrupt. That is why any system will ultimately fail to be just without the light of Jesus.

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