When we first visited Young Anabaptist Radicals PLUS first new poll in over a year!

Our poll “When did you first visit Young Anabaptist Radicals?” which ended today holds the record for longest running one in YAR history, clocking in at over a year and two months (It went up on September 24, 2009). Not surprisingly, it also holds the record for most responses at 183.

Because it’s been running so long, it’s been skewed a bit by all the first time visitors showing up and dutifully answering the questions, but I think the numbers themselves are quite interesting:

Year when you first visited YAR:
2006: 19
2007: 17
2008: 10
2009: 15
Last 3 months: 16
First time: 106

It seems like we have a solid core of readers who keep on coming back. We’re currently getting about 3,000 unique visitors a month on the site, an average of 25% who are returning visitors. This was probably a bit distorted this month by the wildly popular Naked Anabaptist meets TSA article by AlanS. Then there are the 300 or so visitors who show up every month from Google to read the review of the Andy Goldsworthy documentary from 2007.

Along those lines, I’ve started a new poll to see whether people like the idea of a fan page for YAR on Facebook. This would allow us to automatically post all new YAR posts to the page using an RSS feed for your social network convenience. And hey, who doesn’t like to be liked? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments or simply click the poll in the right hand column.