Ask: Why is Your House Empty?

….Dedicated to this dying Child.

A child dying in the streets of the crowded Warsaw Ghetto, where hunger and disease killed 43,000 in 1941 alone.[92]

You told me that:

“This is your house and you can say whatever you want in it.”
Indeed it is your house
You can say whatever you want in it.

Last night
You went on
The International Jew
how they and the Freemasons
are secretly plotting
on how they
can take over the world
how Hilter must’ve
killed all
those Jews
for a good reason…
because no one kills six million
people for no reason.

When I went
on Wikipedia
to show you
that other people
were murdered
in Nazi Germany
besides the Jewish,
not only
did you not
know that,
but when I found a picture
of a little Jewish boy
who lay dying in the streets
of the ghetto in Warsaw,
being eyed by the passersby,
you told me:

“Well that baby Jew would grow up to be a big Jew who would try to take over the world and try to control everything one day.”

By this time
tears were
streaming down my face
you asked me if I was still on my

The Holocaust, from Wikipedia:

The Holocaust (from the Greek holókauston: holos, “completely” and kaustos, “burnt”), also known as (Ha-)Shoah, Churben, is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, as part of a programme of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi) regime in Germany led by Adolf Hitler.[2] Other groups were persecuted and killed by the regime, including the Gypsies; Soviets, particularly prisoners of war; Communists; ethnic Poles; In total, 2.5 million non-Jewish Polish citizens perished during the course of the war. Over two million were ethnic Poles (the remaining 500,000 were mainly ethnic minority Ukrainians and Belarusians living in Poland). The majority of those killed by Nazi Germany were civilians (exceeding military deaths nearly 10:1).[3][4] In Heinrich Himmler’s view, “The great German people should consider it as its major task to destroy all Poles.” Any Pole with a high-school education was a likely candidate for public execution or sentencing to a death camp, because the educated would be able to keep alive a sense of Polish nationhood. Consequently, the viceroy of the General Government of Occupied Poland, Hans Frank, transmitted his Fuhrer’s message: “What we have now recognized in Poland to be the elite must be liquidated; we must watch out for the seeds that begin to sprout again, so as to stamp them out again in good time.”[5]; other Slavic people; the disabled; homosexuals; and political and religious dissidents.

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  1. Sam

    Thank you for sharing the poem.
    I pray for the spirit of truth to come to those who deny the holocaust, who believe in racism, who fall prey to all the conspiracy theories that lurk in the darker corners of our world.

  2. TimN


    Thanks for this poem. I strongly identify with the strange blend of helplessness, anger, frustration and despair from conversations I’ve had with anti-semitic conspiracy theorists. There is no piece of evidence or fact that can’t be twisted into their world view.

    And any feelings or emotions around their bigotry are dismissed.

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