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My name is Amy Allyn Frances Muchko. I am 35 and I have been called by the Lord to become a Mennonite and God Willing I will join and become a member of the Body of Christ this Spring with Missio Dei. I currently reside in Minneapolis Minnesota in the Twin Cities. I work at Love Lines Crisis Counseling Ministries in Minneapolis, full-time, doing anything and everything the Lord would have me do (even if that includes cleaning a toilet). I am humbled to be happy to serve Him. :) More Later... <3 enjoy <3

Ask: Why is Your House Empty?

….Dedicated to this dying Child.

A child dying in the streets of the crowded Warsaw Ghetto, where hunger and disease killed 43,000 in 1941 alone.[92]

You told me that:

“This is your house and you can say whatever you want in it.”
Indeed it is your house
You can say whatever you want in it.

Last night
You went on
The International Jew
how they and the Freemasons
are secretly plotting
on how they
can take over the world
how Hilter must’ve
killed all
those Jews
for a good reason…
because no one kills six million
people for no reason. (more…)

A Practical Christian Community

Lately I have been doing a lot of communicating with God via the Holy Spirit; or is it that God has been doing a lot of communicating with me via the Holy Spirit or even still a combination thereof? God has been giving me a desire to become a “United Front” with my Christian Community who are literally brothers and sisters through Christ Jesus. I feel that Satan is using the technique of “divide and conquer”. I, for one, have felt isolated from Christian Fellowship and disconcerted by it.

God has been ministering to me and He has put something in my heart that I feel is very much His reasoning power. This is what my conversation with God has brought me. Isn’t it beneficial for the Christian Community to have believers that are well fortified? He has shown me the image via an analogy. It is interesting how American society has the impression that they have to fend for themselves. It is a very social Darwinistic complex. Each family member feels like they have to be responsible for providing for their own success. It is up to them to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” and not “be out for a hand-out”. This attitude creates defensiveness, competitiveness, contempt, insecurity, fear, pity, strife, envy, depression, a lack of motivation, procrastination, a sense of inferiority, defeat, anger, hatred, you get the picture… It is fertile ground for negative emotions that fuel everything from “racism” to family separateness, to death i.e. suicide, addiction, etc.


Refuse to Be Tempted to Have a Despairing Heart; Refuse to be Alienated!

I have finally discovered how to beat spiritual oppression. I realize that in this day and age of the trillion self-proclaimed “self-help gurus” that this blog may just fall by the wayside. But my spirit must confess what I have learned on this journey, commonly referred to as life. This is a practice and it is work and sometimes hard work, but I must say that the alternative namely living life angrily, broken-up, passive-aggressively, and above all in a negative fashion is far more draining even if it is less work at the end of the day.

I have noticed that I find it most unbearable to subject myself to people who have entitlement complexes, resentments that they refuse to amend, grudges, burnt bridges,  sour grapes, angry dispositions, and in general a loathsome negative approach to their thinking. It is not enough that people who have decided to be negative are themselves negative but unfortunately this adult form of colicky can not seem to help but to alienate whoever has the bad fortune of making their acquaintance. It may seem that I have a lack of compassion for those who suffer from this form of spiritual oppression but that is not the case, it is just that I by birth inherited such a person who happen to come in the form of a parent and several grandparents and so I have been initiated into this horrible lot from childhood and therefore it has been a uphill struggle for me to reclaim my birthright as a Joyful Christian and Defender of the Faith.