Refuse to Be Tempted to Have a Despairing Heart; Refuse to be Alienated!

I have finally discovered how to beat spiritual oppression. I realize that in this day and age of the trillion self-proclaimed “self-help gurus” that this blog may just fall by the wayside. But my spirit must confess what I have learned on this journey, commonly referred to as life. This is a practice and it is work and sometimes hard work, but I must say that the alternative namely living life angrily, broken-up, passive-aggressively, and above all in a negative fashion is far more draining even if it is less work at the end of the day.

I have noticed that I find it most unbearable to subject myself to people who have entitlement complexes, resentments that they refuse to amend, grudges, burnt bridges,  sour grapes, angry dispositions, and in general a loathsome negative approach to their thinking. It is not enough that people who have decided to be negative are themselves negative but unfortunately this adult form of colicky can not seem to help but to alienate whoever has the bad fortune of making their acquaintance. It may seem that I have a lack of compassion for those who suffer from this form of spiritual oppression but that is not the case, it is just that I by birth inherited such a person who happen to come in the form of a parent and several grandparents and so I have been initiated into this horrible lot from childhood and therefore it has been a uphill struggle for me to reclaim my birthright as a Joyful Christian and Defender of the Faith.

I am sure that all this sounds scary and trite to anyone who has taken a militant view against those who are practitioners of Christianity or anyone else who subscribes to faith. They would accuse our Faith of being “The Opiate of the Masses” while they are zoned out in some proverbial opium den or mainlining H. They would accuse us of being hypocrites when our true Faith tells us that we are all hypocrites to one degree or another. That would be the proverbial preaching to the converted. It reminds me of the “person who is narrow-minded in the name of diversity” that Dr. Gregory Boyd speaks of in “Letters from a Skeptic.”

Basically, I have learned a few techniques to guard against being alienated from my faithfulness. It is as follows:

1) “Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see.” – Benjamin Franklin

Satan is a mocker and a scoffer and he loves to parody Christians and put temptation in our paths and mock us as we struggle to resist them. The stronger you are in your faith the harder he has to work to sidetrack you. Conversely, if you are already in the crack house, guzzling alcohol like water or doing any other terribly self-destructive behavior he will leave you there to die there and put  forth the least amount of effort that he has to keep you spiritually oppressed.

The art of not believing every negative lie that comes via that “inner voice” i.e. your mind is a skill that could very possibly be the thing that saves your life. Also it gives God the opportunity to restore you to sanity.

2) Fake it ’til you make it.”

“Just about of all our self talk is negative. If we are to succeed it’s vital that we to learn to replace the negative self talk with positive self talk and affirmations.” (From “Fake it till you make it, )

It is a fine line for me to keep flexibility in life, to accept life on life’s terms, but not to buy everything that negativity and b.s. is trying to sell me. This leads me to my third technique…

3) “Caveat Emptor” is Latin for “Let the buyer beware”.[1] Generally caveat emptor is the property law doctrine that controls the sale of real property after the date of closing.

Like I said just because someone is “selling” it to you or offering it to you doesn’t mean that you should jump at the chance and take it. Have you ever heard of “try some buy some”?

Just like with the drug dealer the first one is usually free but then the next time you will have to pay. That is how Satan operates. I have known one too many people, including me, who were trying to quit a harmful and eventually lethal habit who have happened to stumble across the very thing they are trying to quit and were granted this one time offer I hope you will refuse.

I apologize if my tone seems angry but I am angry. Presently there is a war being waged against humanity and addiction has stolen enough from us collectively.

Peace Be with You


God Bless You All.

Amy Allyn Frances Muchko


My name is Amy Allyn Frances Muchko. I am 35 and I have been called by the Lord to become a Mennonite and God Willing I  will join and become a member of the Body of Christ this Spring with Missio Dei. I currently reside in Minneapolis Minnesota in the Twin Cities. I work at Love Lines Crisis Counseling Ministries in Minneapolis, full-time, doing anything and everything the Lord would have me do (even if that includes cleaning a toilet). I am humbled to be happy to serve Him. :) More Later…

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