A Practical Christian Community

Lately I have been doing a lot of communicating with God via the Holy Spirit; or is it that God has been doing a lot of communicating with me via the Holy Spirit or even still a combination thereof? God has been giving me a desire to become a “United Front” with my Christian Community who are literally brothers and sisters through Christ Jesus. I feel that Satan is using the technique of “divide and conquer”. I, for one, have felt isolated from Christian Fellowship and disconcerted by it.

God has been ministering to me and He has put something in my heart that I feel is very much His reasoning power. This is what my conversation with God has brought me. Isn’t it beneficial for the Christian Community to have believers that are well fortified? He has shown me the image via an analogy. It is interesting how American society has the impression that they have to fend for themselves. It is a very social Darwinistic complex. Each family member feels like they have to be responsible for providing for their own success. It is up to them to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” and not “be out for a hand-out”. This attitude creates defensiveness, competitiveness, contempt, insecurity, fear, pity, strife, envy, depression, a lack of motivation, procrastination, a sense of inferiority, defeat, anger, hatred, you get the picture… It is fertile ground for negative emotions that fuel everything from “racism” to family separateness, to death i.e. suicide, addiction, etc.

Basically say that we were to band together as families and in the more global sense Christian Communities and encourage our brothers and sisters to be successful. It might look something like this:

We have funding for further education for the “less fortunate”. Not just generic programs that attempt to place them in jobs that they can’t buckle under but rather the jobs that they are called to do i.e. their vocations. We take an arbitrary amount of money, that is too say as much as can be raised via a set goal or through grant writing, contributions, and what not and we loan it to a fellow Christian brother or sister to raise them up to meet their educational and vocational goals. We would also exhaust every avenue to connect them with the proper resources for funding, etc. Once they meet their educational and vocational goals that same Christian would exhibit Stewardship by putting monies back into the same program. It would benefit the Christian Church family just as it would an immediate family to have every adult member of that said family be a functional, joyful, contributing member of the Church Home or steward to the parents once they have reached retirement age and may be in need of assistance from their children. It does not make sense to have any member of the congregation or the family unit feeling isolated, desolate, underpowered, and unproductive.

I feel that this revelation is exciting and I am very interested in forming a think-tank of sorts to mobilize a program like this. I feel it is an amazing opportunity to transplant yet another organ into the Church body to build our communities and become a living testament that bears witness to God’s glory and how He “makes all things new”.