YAR Tag line contest for 5th anniversary

As we approach our 5th anniversary (August 31st), I’m please to announce a tag-line contest. For the last 5 years, our inconspicuous tag-line has been “A Metaphorical Molotov.” I’ve decided its time for something new and I’d like your help coming up with something suitably funny and incisive. So between now and August 26th, post your ideas here in the comments. On Friday, I’ll post the suggestions in a pole and you all get to vote on your favorite. If you no one else has any ideas, we can just spend the next 5 years watching out for Amish Pirates.

Also, think of something interesting to write about on August 31st.

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  1. Greggernaut

    A few blurbs to start off the pole/poll/Pohl:
    -Not necessarily naked.
    -Waving at the past, laughing at the present, dancing to the future.
    -Quilting outside the lines.
    -Because some quilts are crazier than others.
    -Forget the Alamo. Remember M√ľnster.

  2. Joseph P

    Greggernaut, I particularly liked “Quilting outside the lines.” Good one!

    For competition sake, I will submit “Resurrecting Reformation.”

    Btw, I’ve also admired the diagonal notebook image with the hand-scribbled “young anabaptist radicals let’s activate something” on it (which I also just noticed contains an Amish Pirate). Who designed that? And did someone literally scribble that on notebook paper before YAR existed?

  3. TimN (Post author)

    Joseph P,

    I believe Eric sketched that during the First YAR meeting and than scanned it in and used it in his site design.

    I had completely forgot about the “Let’s Activate Something” tag line since it’s sort of baked in. Huh.

  4. Tim B

    I like “Quilting outside the lines.” It has a weird, somewhat disturbing connotation that I can’t quite pinpoint.

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