Looking for an organic church/fellowship near Olympia, Washington

Here’s a letter from a reader:

I just found your blog and a lot of what is there really resonates with me. I really relate to a lot of Anabaptist concepts such as putting faith into action, actively promoting peace, creation care, and anti nationalism.

I’m currently looking for an organic church/fellowship in my area near Olympia Washington to connect with. Haven’t ever considered a Mennonite church because my impression was that they are really conservative including politically and very institutional. Is that assumption an incorrect one? Do you have any suggestions for connecting with similar minded people in this area who are/want to connect through an organic church model?

I’m happy to fellowship with people of various persuasions, but I don’t want to be a cause of dissension in a group where most everyone has the same specific ideas. Not sure how minority opinions are received in smaller conservative Mennonite churches.


Anyone have any leads for Robin?

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  1. jon

    i have the exact same question as Robin, except i’m looking on the other side of the country, in Connecticut. maybe is there some kind forum thingy where lonely folks like us can connect to others with a like mind? or maybe i should make one?

  2. TimN


    The closest thing to a forum thingy for Anabaptisty type people that comes to mind for me is Anabaptist Network North America. It’s current incarnation is a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/anabaptistnetwork.

  3. Lizzy

    Hey Robin,
    Maybe try the Lacey Community Church, it has ties to the Church of the Brethren. Anita Roth and Howard Ullery are in leadership there. It’s at 4501 19th Ave SE, Lacey WA.

    Happy trails in your search!

  4. David

    I’d recommend contacting Mustard Seed Associates, which is based in Seattle. I’m not sure if they specifically organize organic church communities, but they will no doubt know who does in the area. Also, I know they have strong affinities with Anabaptism (Stuart Murray quotes Tom Sine – MSA founder – in “The Naked Anabaptist”).


    Hope that helps…

  5. Amy

    Hi Robin. It’s a bit of a commute, but if you’re ever in Seattle on a Sunday morning (or anytime), we’d welcome you at Seattle Mennonite. We do our best to offer the hospitality of Christ everyone who walks through our doors. Peace in your pursuit!


  6. TimN

    Via Mustard Seed Associates Christine Sine on Facebook, Gil George recommends the Olympia Friends Meeting as a good place to visit.

  7. Tasha

    Hey Robin,

    My name is Tasha and I live in Olympia! I do not personally associate with anabaptism, but do identify with wanting to live out my faith in a way that is radical, counter cultural, simple and communal. I fall short of this constantly, but if you wanted to chat more about opportunities in Oly, you should shoot me an email. NatashaMNorton@gmail.com


  8. Nathan

    Contact me at pilgrimsroad2015@gmail.com
    We are starting an Anabaptist house church in west Olympia. You are welcome to fellowship with us. God bless

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