We Were Here First! Right?

Illegal immigration. That raises feelings in the hearts of alot of us. There are strong feelings on both sides of the debate. If you do your homework, it makes this debate a whole lot less easy. There has been a few things nagging at me and I just can’t shake it. Would you like to hear what they are?

First off, most of us European Americans fled our countries in search of freedom from our oppressors. The pilgrims were in search of religious freedom from the church of England. Even our Mennonite ancestors sought out freedom. Dutch, Swiss, German and many others were seeking solace and safety in a new land. It wasn’t as if this land wasn’t occupied already. Of course, we all know that there were indigenous people here long before we ever arrived.

Yet, without as much as a green card, we steam rolled our way across the country, practically wiping out whole people groups. We threw up our flags and claimed this land as our own. Even after states were established, the government steam rolled over their sovereignty as well. Welcome to the new Promised Land.

So now, we have established ourselves over this land and we have become a nation that welcomes immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants of course. Yet, the very people we took the land from (and yes we purchased some) are not welcome here. Sensors, border patrols, fences and walls barricade us from the coming onslaught of “illegal immigrants”. We worry about the economy, safety and sovereignty of our land. Is it ours to begin with?

We feel this land slipping away from us. Our identity as a nation is being compromised. We feel threatened and out of control. Sounds familiar. I do not believe in karma or fate. I do believe in the justice and rightness of God. Is there a time for all things to be made right? To become a nation, a lot of blood had to be shed. Not just the blood of the revolutionaries, but of those who lived here before us as well. Are we paying for the sins of a past generation? We can’t go back and undo it. But we will still reap the whirlwind our fathers before us have sown.

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  1. Skylark

    What happened to the cartoon? I thought it was provocative in a useful way.

  2. joe (Post author)

    it just seemed big. i will put it back just for you:)

  3. ken

    Man if people were to think about that we would be a lot nicer to fellow Americans.

  4. Corey

    You say it is the punishment of God that we should let in illegals, well I say no. Nobody can say what the will of God is so we must do our will and if God doesn’t like it make up for it in the afterlife.

    And when our ancestors took this land they created a thriving economy, and powerful nation where was once a bunch of nomadic tribes. We created a better nation, now the illegal immigrants damage the economy, they’re children are taught that Mexico is the greatest place, when in reality its poor and corrupt. So they demand more rights, privilege’s, and free care that drains the economy and burdens American citizens.

    Also their very working jobs lowers the salary, and availability for citizens, making it impossible to live off any job dominated by illegals.

    So don’t post pro-illegal propaganda based solely on white guilt, because thats the summary of your statement, white people should suffer because our ancestors took over Indian land and won Mexico’s land in a war.

  5. somasoul

    “Is it ours to begin with?”

    No. But it is not the Indian’s either. It is God’s.

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  7. mike

    although it true that there were people here before and that immigrants built this country by many brutal acts does not change the facts that our economy can not with stand illegal aliens

    unemployment would go down if joe the drywall guy born in america was not sitting at because jose born in mexico and came here illegally has his job.
    the average illegal alien earns his wages and spends very little in america as he sends most of it back to his family to help them survive were the money will be used to help the economics of another country .

    joe would have put it all back into this economy. their is no since in argueing about who was here first now it is about who was born here or obtained citizenship legally these people deserve to work here to help balance this economy.

  8. Susie

    @ #5 You have ridiculously stated a couple of “facts”, which i believe you have no right to posit…1) Children of immigrant parents are not taught that Mexico is the ‘the greatest place’–as you said, instead they are taught that Mexico is in fact were their roots are derived from, but they are also told that that place is corrupt and fro that reason they have to learn to appreacite the place were they are born, a place were they are free, they are taught to appreciate America.

    Also I am not sure wat you meant by this (“lso their very working jobs lowers the salary, and availability for citizens, making it impossible to live off any job dominated by illegals.”, but i now i ask you what good jobs are dominated by “illegals”?

    @ #5,7
    You have both given your biased opinion by stating as a fact that Immigrants have taken jobs from Americans….
    1) Immigrants can not take most jobs in the U.S for obvious reasons, so they conform into the lowest paying jobs which “MR.(lazy) JOE” does not want to take because if he really wanted that job he would be smart enough to keep searching.

    2) Immigrants do stimulate the economy in their own ways, because believe it or not! they have to pay rent, taxes, and they also have to pay for their food(wow!)

    In conclusion, you guys both need to do more reaserch about the subject before you “state” that immigrants take your jobs, because they are only taking what Americans dont want… Of course you wouldnt want to clean restrooms, floors or even work under the hot sun picking Grapes nonstop and standing the constant hazzle that supervisors or your ‘boss” gives you.

    Lastly, I want to thank the Author, your article is great!

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