Invitation from Mennonite Publishing Network to help revision resources for 20 and 30-somethings

This is a invitation to the YAR community from Byron Rempel-Burkholder, and editor at Faith and Life Resources/Mennonite Publishing Network. Feel free to contact Byron directly or leave your response in a comment.

We at Mennonite Publishing Network need your help in creating resources that nurture spirituality among 20- and 30-somethings. Our traditional existing medium is Rejoice! magazine, which offers daily meditations on Bible texts, along with denominational prayer requests. Rejoice! is relatively successful among middle and older adults, but it is attracting only a small segment of younger adults to its readership.

We’re talking about repackaging Rejoice! in some way, or else coming up with a new resource altogether, in order to serve younger adults broadly and effectively. Please be part of the conversation on how to do that. Email or call editor Byron Rempel-Burkholder at, 204 488-0610, and use the following questions as a basis for your proposal, rant, or further questions:

  • What tools (paper, audio, web-based, etc.) are you finding these days to help you live contemplatively–prayerfully, grounded in the Bible, connected to peers of similar faith affinity?
  • What tools do you wish for that you aren’t seeing? Think outside the box, in terms of content, style, and format.
  • Would you be open to tossing around some ideas in the interests of creating something new?

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  1. Hannah Burkholder

    I have heard much about lectio divina over the past few years, and have been intrigued by its contemplative nature. I would like to see that form of scriptural contemplation incorporated into some form of devotion, whether paper, audio, or web-based format. Perhaps a short scripture passage, combined with a few guiding questions, would be a helpful way to begin my day, and would also allow me to think about the passage throughout the day.

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