Can you help out a YAR community member in need?

Jason Barr's house burning

I returned to work to work today to find an email about the complete destruction of my friend Jason Barr’s home over the holidays. Jason and his wife Gretchen didn’t have insurance, so their depending on good old Anabaptist mutual aid to recover from a loss of just about everything they owned in the fire (that’s their apartment burning in the photo above). If you can give them a few dollars to help them rent a new place and replace their stuff, it would be much appreciated:

Please give to support Jason and Gretchen

For those of you who don’t know Jason personally, he has been involved in Anabaptist circles for a number of years thinking and sharing about Christ-archy. He and his wife moved to South Bend this past summer so Jason could attend Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS). Jason is a self-identified lurker here on YAR and has left a few comments over the years.

If you live in Northern Indiana, here are some physical items that they could use:

  • men’s size XL shirts
  • women’s size 14-16 clothes
  • theological books
  • working computers (desktop, laptop)
  • yarn (Gretchen makes knitted and crocheted items for income), a yarn swift, and knitting needles
  • percussion instruments, electric guitar, saxophones

These items can be dropped off at the campus pastor’s office at AMBS.