YAR Christmas Reflection

Nativity and Advent Candles

Dear Friends, Enemies and Pirates,

This Christmas I want to let you know that I’m grateful for this little corner of the internet that you create through your presence and participation. It’s been more then four years since a group of us came together around the idea of a blog for Young Anabaptist Radicals. Most of the people in that group are long gone and many others have come and gone in that time. Some of us are still around, but stretching the definition of Young, Anabaptist and/or Radical. Fortunately, we never quite agreed on what any of those words meant to begin with.

But come thick or thin there have enough of you who have kept coming back to keep it interesting. We’re nothing if we’re not eclectic. Whether it’s privilege, church, faith, toothbrushing, foot washing, immigration, sex or Awesome stuff we’ve got posts to show for it.

Some of you are here because you like to read and comment. Some of you write posts. Still others lurk. And one of you has become our faithful, one of a kind kibitzer, here year in and year out. I’ve come to realize it takes all kinds. Or something.

Merry Christmas and thanks for being part of YAR.

Wordle: Young Anabaptist Radicals

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  1. Tim Baer

    Merry Christmas, YAR.

    Yours Truly,


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