Young Adults & Church: BikeMovement 5 years later

Five years ago I joined a group of young adults called BikeMovement that biked from the Pacific Coast in Oregon to the Atlantic Shore in New Jersey. We stopped at churches along the way holding conversation about what it meant to be a young adult in the church. The journey started July 10, 2006 and ended August 25th, 46 days, 23 churches, and 3,585 miles later.

Much has changed since 2006. I am a very different person than the 24 year old young adult who began that journey. I am now married with an 18 month toddler (on lap as I type this) and another one coming next month. Besides the more visible lifestyle changes (no more transient young adult lifestyle), my word view shifted as I journeyed with this group wrestling with the difficult questions, being vulnerable, and living as a transient community.

In honor of BikeMovements 5th Anniversary, I’ve posted the documentary and supplementary material to YouTube (even YouTube has made some quantum leaps from where it was 5 years ago). Our hope is that through this documentary the conversation will continue and that it will enrich your own journey.

This is the 46 minute abridge documentary:

If you can’t find time to at watch the documentary, I’d encourage you to at least check out several other shorter clips that came out of the trip:

BikeMovement Documentary Trailer
Additional Material

Short Topical Clips

If any of you are interested in using this in a Sunday School or small group setting, there is a full length DVD with an accompanying study guide (I have several extra DVD copies laying around if anybody is interested). More information on the trip and two trips after that is available at

For any old (yes we are old now) BikeMovement participants out there, happy 5th anniversary. Hope life is treating you all well and I miss you all and our little traveling community we created that continues to shape me today. Peace.

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  1. TimN

    Thanks for posting this, Denver. I found this interview:Feeling Alone: Reflection on Race a really powerful reflection for me as a white person to hear. It helps me think more about what it is like for a person of color who is in a group that is otherwise white, especially a Mennonite one.

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