Jesus Radicals! Anarchism and Christianity

New Heaven, New Earth: Anarchism and Christianity Beyond Empire
August 14 & 15, 2009

Caritas Village
2509 Harvard Avenue,
Memphis, TN 38112

This year’s anarchism and Christianity conference, hosted by Jesus Radicals, will look squarely at the economic and ecological crisis facing the globe, and point to signs of hope for creativity, for alternative living, for radical sharing, for faithfulness, for a new way of being. We are living in a karios moment that will either break us or compel us to finally strive for a new, sane way of life. The question we face at this pivotal time is not if our empires will fall apart, but when they will fall–and how will we face it? We hope you will join the conversation.

Plenary presenters
– Layla Abdel Rahim, anti-authoritarian wanderer, researcher and university lecturer, writer, and unschooling mother
– Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, co-founder Pax Christi-USA, nonviolence advocate and peace activist
– Ewuare Osayande, author, poet and political activist; founder of POWER (People Organized Working to Eradicate Racism)
– John Zerzan, anti-civilization theorist, writer and speaker; host of Anarchy Radio

– Jeannie Alexander, Amos House Catholic Worker
– Eric Anglada, New Hope Catholic Worker Farm
– Brenna Cussen, Saints Francis & Therese Catholic Worker
– Gene Davenport, Lambuth University

– Eileen Fleming, We Are Wide Awake
– Ethan Hughes, The Possibility Alliance
– Lee Van Ham, Jubilee Economics Ministries

– Anarchism and Christianity Primer
– Seeing What Greenspan Couldn’t: A New, Partnership Economy
– Jesus & the Money Changers: Rioting Against the Economic Crisis

– Nonviolence in the Holy Land: A spiritual journey and nonviolent political odyssey from the Middle East to the USA
– Anarcho-Primitivism versus a Darkening Reality
– Revealing the Kingdom in the Midst of Empire: Reimagining Citizenship, Reimagining Economics
– A Lullaby for the Planet: Undressing Ourselves for a Viable Parenthood
– Exploring New Possibilities (tentative title)
– Gospel Nonviolent Anarchism–Logos & Emmunah

– Community Tour – GrowMemphis
– Film screening – “What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire”

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